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Together we create aseasonal cocktail with local ingredients and we cover all the basics.

Engaging & Memorable Learning

This isn't your typical cocktail class. We've designed our masterclass to be an engaging and unforgettable experience. Through interactive participation, entertainment, and even pop-culture references, we make sure you're not just learning the ropes but also having a great time.

A Sparkling Welcome

Your experience begins the moment you walk through the door. We greet each participant with a glass of either cava or prosecco, setting the tone for a lively and luxurious class. And don't worry—if you finish your glass, we're more than happy to top it up and keep the bubbles flowing.

Mixology 101

We go beyond the basics here. Our comprehensive training covers everything from shaking techniques to the subtleties of balancing flavors. You'll also learn about the visual and aromatic aspects of cocktails, understanding how colors, aromas, and garnishes contribute to the perfect drink.

Hands-On local Cocktail Crafting

One of the highlights of the class is crafting a local cocktail together. We guide you step-by-step, ensuring you understand each process and ingredient. This hands-on approach not only teaches you the skills but also instills the confidence to recreate the experience at home.

Takeaways & Confidence

As the class wraps up, you won't leave empty-handed. We provide you with a recipe for the seasonal cocktail you've just crafted. More importantly, you'll leave with newfound confidence in your mixology skills, eager to impress your family and friends. And let's not forget—a little tipsy, but in the best way possible!

- Cava or Prosecco

-A guided and entertaining cocktail course
- One hand-made cocktail

You won't find a course as entertaining as this one


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Charles & Daniel

Charles and Daniel, both seasoned bartenders from well-known venues like Gröna Lund, Berns, East, and Kasai, are thrilled to share their expertise in food, drinks, and customer service. Join them for a 2-hour masterclass that promises not just knowledge but also a good time. The class is available in either English or Swedish.

"The Bartendrr masterclass was the perfect birthday gift for my husband. We both enjoyed it and learned so much. The instructors were friendly and made the class engaging"

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