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Innovating bartender education in Stockholm, based in Stockholm, Sweden, is a pioneering institution in the realm of cocktail and bar education. Our unique curriculum, deeply rooted in practical experience and collaborative learning, is designed to immerse you in the art of mixology and bar management. Over the course of our intensive online + 3-day program, you'll gain not just skills, but a deep understanding of the trends and techniques shaping the world of cocktails and bartending

Online course before the course

The online pre-course is a 6-8 hour online course offering an essential blend of mixology, bar setup, customer service, and legal knowledge, complete with interactive lessons, quizzes, and practical assessments for aspiring bartenders and enthusiasts. Total Duration: 6-8 Hours Format: A mix of video lessons, demonstrations, and interactive quizzes. Module 1: Introduction to Bartending (1 Hour) Lesson 1.1: The Role and Responsibilities of a Bartender (15 mins) Lesson 1.2: History and Culture of Cocktails and Bartending (30 mins) Quiz: Quick assessment on bartending history and basic roles (15 mins) Module 2: Bar Setup and Equipment (1 Hour) Lesson 2.1: Essential Bar Tools and Their Uses (30 mins) Lesson 2.2: Organizing Your Workspace for Efficiency (30 mins) Module 3: Mixology Basics (2 Hours) Lesson 3.1: Understanding Spirits, Liqueurs, and Mixers (30 mins) Lesson 3.2: Classic Cocktail Recipes and Techniques (1 hour) Interactive Activity: Virtual Mix-Along: Crafting a Classic Cocktail (30 mins) Module 4: Customer Service and Communication (1 Hour) Lesson 4.1: Effective Communication and Building Rapport with Customers (30 mins) Lesson 4.2: Managing Difficult Situations and Ensuring Customer Satisfaction (30 mins) Module 5: Health, Safety, and Legal Compliance (1-2 Hours) Lesson 5.1: Health and Safety in the Bar Environment (30 mins) Lesson 5.2: Understanding Legal Regulations and Responsible Service (30 mins) Case Study: Review of Real-Life Scenarios and Best Practices (30-60 mins)

Edvin, SWE

"Först o främst, lärarna va grymma. Dom kan sin grej o lärde ut massa coola drinkar o tricks. Och snacka om att få testa själv – vi stod bakom baren o blandade som proffs, sjukt kul! Sen, vi lärde oss om alla möjliga drinkar, från gamla klassiker till några riktigt udda grejer. Perfekt mix! En annan fet grej va alla andra som va med. Vi hängde o lärde oss av varann, riktig bra vibe! Lärde mig massor o hade sjukt kul. Rekommenderas starkt!"

Oskar, SWE

"lärarna var så tålmodiga och hjälpsamma Jag känner att jag har lärt mig så mycket"

Lisa, SWE

"Smart koncept! De går verkligen igenom allt som behövs för att stå i en bar"


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Diploma & Certifikate

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Community & Coaching

Online Course

About one month before the course, we will send you an online course that provides you with preliminary knowledge and prepares you for the practical 3-day course. During this period, you can talk to us, other students, and a trained AI bartender.

Intensive 3-day on-site training

A memorable and meticulously designed 3-day course, developed to be efficient and provide comprehensive knowledge and practical skills in bartending.

Everything you need

The course includes provision of all necessary equipment and beverages required for the practical part of the training, giving participants a hands-on experience of working in a real bar environment.

Finding you a job after the course

Post-course, you'll gain access to a CV template gallery and join a community of both new and seasoned bartenders. Additionally, we'll arrange a FREE one-on-one coaching session to discuss areas for improvement and topics such as expected salary for your first bartending job.




Skilled in spirit knowledge, bar etiquette, industry expertise, networking, and assisting others in finding employment within the bar industry



An educational teacher with expertise in mixology, dynamic work methodology, and development within the bar industry.



Expert in customer service, personal relationships, and creating sophisticated cocktail garnishes


  • Is a 3-Day Course Enough to Become a Bartender?
    Absolutely! Our 3-day course is highly effective. We've previously run a similar program at Gröna Lund, where 19 out of 20 participants passed their tests and received job offers. This course equips you with all the essential tools and skills to kickstart your career, whether you aim to be a bartender or work in a nightclub. Correct. That was us.
  • What language will the course be held in?
    The course is primarily in Swedish. International students needing English instruction should email us before enrolling for arrangements.
  • Will i get a job after the course?
    At BAR ACADEMY X, our commitment extends beyond just providing top-notch bartending training; we are invested in your success and career advancement post-course. Here's how we assist you in securing employment: Personalized Coaching: Post-course, you can benefit from a complimentary one-on-one coaching session. This session is designed to polish your CV and job applications, addressing any barriers that might impede your career progress. Staffing Company Collaborations: We have established partnerships with various staffing agencies across Sweden. This network helps in connecting you with potential job opportunities in the industry. Leveraging Our Extensive Network: Our outreach isn't limited to Sweden; we tap into our broad network across Europe to find suitable job placements for you. Access to Professional Resources: We provide an array of free templates, which can be invaluable tools in crafting effective CVs and job applications. Our goal is for you to thrive in your career and become an advocate for the value and quality of the education at BAR ACADEMY X.
  • How is the course different from other bartending courses?
    Our course is designed to equip you with the skills necessary for a successful bartending career, emphasizing the art of crafting well-balanced cocktails. Instead of overwhelming you with thousands of recipes, we focus on the fundamental principles of mixology, enabling you to create a diverse range of drinks with confidence and creativity. At our Smart Bar Academy, we also adopt a multi-sensory learning approach to teaching, which enhances the learning experience by engaging multiple senses. This method not only helps in better retention of the cocktail-making skills but also enriches the understanding of mixology through a more interactive and immersive educational environment. By involving various senses such as sight, taste, and smell, we ensure a more holistic and effective learning journey for our students. 1.* If that's not enough, we are first to actually use smart solution to optimize your training. Just as NASA employs virtual reality to train astronauts for the complexities of space missions, BARTENDRR harnesses the same technology to teach the art of bartending. VR's proven effectiveness in simulating challenging environments and intricate tasks in astronaut training is a testament to its potential in other fields, including bartending. At BARTENDRR's Smart Bar Academy, VR creates a realistic bartending environment where students can learn and practice without the limitations and costs of a physical setup. This innovative approach not only enhances learning but also prepares students for real-world scenarios, making the training process both efficient and comprehensive. Trust in the power of VR, as evidenced by NASA's use in preparing astronauts, and experience its transformative impact in bartending education at BARTENDRR. 2* 1.* 2.*
  • What financing options are there?
    We accept direct payments through Stripe or Klarna. For those interested in installment plans, Klarna provides an option to pay over a period of up to 12 months.
  • Do I need to bring any identification to the school?
    On the first day of the course, it's mandatory to bring a valid photo ID, as we need to take a copy for our records. The acceptable forms of identification include: International travel passport Driver’s license issued by the government National or state/province identity card issued by the government This requirement helps us ensure that only registered individuals are participating in the course.
  • Is it necessary to bring educational materials for the course?
    No, it's not required. Just make sure to bring your smartphone and your ID. We provide you with everything else.
  • Who is the course for, do i need any prior experience?
    The course is for anyone who wants to start working as a bartender. We teach the basics and provide tools for success in the industry. No previous bartending experience is needed. The on-site course lasts for 3 days and is intensive. If you require more time to learn, we suggest taking the optional online course before the class.
  • What if i get super sick during the class?
    If you become sick during the on-site class, let us know immediately. We can arrange for you to attend a future session when you're better. Your health is important. There might be a small fee for rescheduling due to illness, but to avoid any costs, you can opt for our insurance.



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